Wednesday 10 July 2013

Two Shoes - Sherrie Levine

Having just finished an essay on Sherrie Levine's work, and having done two posts on her work (that you can find here and here and you might also want to go here to see more about Marcel Duchamp and the way he influenced other artists) I was extremely pleased to see that they had Two Shoes at Louisiana, as I had read so much about the work.
Louisiana, Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen

Two Shoes, Sherrie Levine.

Part of her 'Shoe Sale' in 1977 at 3 Mercer Street in New York, where she offered her own distinct variation on the Duchampian concept of the readymade, and continuing her 'conversation' with Marcel Duchamp. Levine laid out the contents of the only suitcase she had hauled with her when she moved to New York: seventy five identical pairs of tiny, black, boys' shoes she'd purchased in bulk for fifty cents at a thrift shop were now given over for two dollars a pair. Every pair sold immediately.

Already at this early stage of Levine's production we see questions arise concerning originals and copies.

Whereas Duchamp imported objects into the framework of art, thereby disrupting art's very parameters for ever, Levine's objects and images are instead released back into the world to circulate anew as both what they signify and what they have accrued via this movement in and through various frames.

Source: Johanna Burton - Sherrie Levine, Beside Herself.

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