Tuesday 23 July 2013



First visit to Antonello this summer, and there is a surprise awaiting us: lots of flowers outside the shop this time, very tastefully arranged, as usual

it's unfortunately not a permanent feature, but rather, preparations for a wedding

looking closer

and again

the two candles in the picture are also for the wedding, but they are not finished yet I am told.

The main window

still the main window

as seen from inside

the smaller window on the right

as we enter the shop

looking closer

everything is carefully thought out and placed just so

the back of the shop

as with everything, it's all in the detail

isn't this little corner fantastic? So simple, and yet...

Greek basil

good quality blooms and the art of placing them strategically

looking out

I have to point out here, that the shop is tiny, tiny - you can barely move in there, and yet, they achieve so much.

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