Saturday 13 July 2013

Sand Sculpture Festival in Copenhagen

We came upon this exhibition of sand sculptures by accident, while we were on our way to see the building of the Danmarks Nationalbank.

They are very elaborate and quite imposing. The sculptures last up to 3 months and in order to make them last that long, they add some clay to the sand.

A Tribute to Prins Henrik, Bagrat Stepanyan (Russia)

Bye Bye Mr Money, Etual Ojeda (Spain)

A Stolen Heart, Anique Kuizenga (Indonesia)

Antarctic, Katsu Chaen (Japan)

Big Mama, Ulrich Baentsch, (Germany)

I like the face of that one, so here's a closer look

No Spoken Words, Michela Ciappini, (Italy)

Go Green - Save the Earth, Sudarsan Pattnaik, (India)

Technology or Nature, Irina Taflevskaya (Ukraine), Ruslan Korokov (Bulgaria)


Reverse Engineering, Guy-Oliver Devaux, (Canada).

Finally, the sand sculptures as seen from the waterbus .

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