Tuesday 17 June 2014

Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest - the 20th century collection

As with every other building we visited in Budapest, the Museum of Fine Arts is wonderful.

Note the small group of primary school kids listening to their teacher before visiting the galleries.
We started with their 20th century art collection, which I liked very much. Some known names, but most of the artists were unknown to me so it was exciting discovering new artists and looking at their work.
I was a bit worried about taking photographs because I had heard that they are very strict in Budapest.
So, once inside the gallery I asked and was told that I could buy a photography ticket which then I wore on my lapel: it cost 300 Forints, the equivalent of £1 approximately, and was I able to snap to my heart's content - I thought that was pretty civilised.

 Cardbird VI, Robert Rauschenberg, 1971

Mao Bible, Laszlo Lakner, 1987

Detail of an Easel with Painting, Michelangelo Pistoletto

Triptichos Post Historicus, Braco Dimitrijevic, 1988

Portrait of a Girl, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1892

Renoir: Portrait of a Girl, Endre Tot, 1999 

Night, House, Thunder, Timm Ulrichs, 1983-84 

one more view

Direct Democracy - How the Dictatorship of the Parties can be Overcome, Joseph Beuys, 1971

High Intensity, Erro, 1991

Cellotex V, Alberto Burri, 1985

Head, Armando, 1990 

Catalan Son, Anthony Caro, 1987-88 

Azure and Black, Jesus Rafael Soto, 2003 

This piece really played with your vision and your mind, the way Bridget Riley's paintings do - moving your head even a tiny bit was very disconcerting

Sphere, Francois Morellet, 1965 

Tlinko-F, Victor Vasarely, 1956-62

Light Gray Wall, Josef Albers, 1958 

Poetic Row, Gunter Uecker, 1958-77 

Energetic Plastic,  Adolf Luther, 1978


Light Rotor, Heinz Mack, 1971 

Homage to the Square: Allegro, Josef Albers, 1963 

Cage II, Magdalena Abakanowicz, 1986

 This was my favourite, so a few shots from various angles

and once I squeezed myself in the corner for another photograph - it's hollow!


Black Drip Painting. Red Drip Painting, Hermann Nitsch, 1992

Nose and Ears, Antoni Tapies, 1986 

Untitled, Henryk Stazewski, 1975

Nr 11, Henryk Staweszki, 1977

The Lovers of the Gardener, Zoltan Kemeny, 1947 

Victoria, Etienne Hajdu, 1955 

Fugue in Two Pieces, Judit Reigl, 1980 

Buccaneer Hues, Gyorgy Kepes, 1970 

Composition, Robert Jacobsen, 1952 

Occupation of Land in Sicily, Renato Guttuso,  1947

Veronica's Veil, Oskar Kokoschka, 1909 

Poster Design for the Magazine Der Sturm, Oskar Kokochka, 1911
The Spirit of Laws, Jean Dewasne, 1953 

Opus for the Harbour of Toulon, No. 3, Richard Mortensen, 1951. 

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