Wednesday 11 June 2014

The Varosliget

The Varosliget (City Park) was created in the 19th century for the nationwide celebrations of the millennium of the Magyar conquest of Hungary.

We took the metro and when we arrived at Szechenyi Furdo station, and the first thing we saw, was what else? Two majestic buildings

I love this one, with its Art Nouveau style

We found ourselves in the middle of Hosok Tere, an enormous plaza. At its Centre is the Millennary Monument, consisting of a 36m-high column topped by the figure of the Archangel Gabriel who, according to legend, appeared to Stephen in a dream and offered him the crown of Hungary. As a backdrop to this, a semi-circular colonnade displays statues of Hungary's most illustrious leaders, from king Stephen to Kossuth.

The Museum of Fine arts is on the northern side of Hosok Tere.


We had a drink on the back terrace of this building where we sat by the artificial lake


the fairy tale towers of Vajdahuyad Caste, our view. The lake is used for boating in the summer and transformed into an outdoor ice rink in winter.


We crossed the bridge


and joined the crowds around the castle. The whole place was packed. Even though it was a Sunday, we were still surprised by the numbers of people who were out enjoying themselves

This band were very good, and what was incredible was that the ages of the musicians ranged from 11 to 16.




We wandered around the park which was packed


loads of stalls, mainly food. Everyone was eating these breads on spits - we never managed to find out exactly what they are or what they are called


A smaller lake

affording good views of the castle

Lichen? I don't know, but they have the consistency of fabric


We then walked towards the Szechenyi Baths, so grand that they could be mistaken for a palace.

We went inside to be met by more grandeur

a statue of Poseidon


the dome of the grand ceiling

the treatment rooms

a small modernist building and pool

The entrance to the zoo which is also in the park. Looking at animals in captivity is not our 'thing', so we walked on
and arrived at the back entrance of the Baths

looking closer

more grandeur inside

the changing rooms


and then I had a look at the outdoor pool through the window (we were not allowed inside unless swimming) and it took my breath away.

One of the regrets about Budapest is that I did not swim in these baths

The café

what a magnificent door


We then came back full circle, reached the artificial lake, and watched people negotiating the stepping stones

a last look at the bridge,

a water skier
a modernist vision in glass by Hosok Tere and then we visited the Museum of Fine Arts. It was a wonderful day.



  1. Wow! What a place!
    I just love that anonymous sculpture.

    1. We loved the park, Olga - we had such a nice time there. As for the Anonymous sculpture, I know, it's fantastic!

  2. The food on spits is called "kurtoskalacs": it is a yeasty dough strip rolled on a metal tube, and then traditionally baked on open fire. Finally it is sprinkled with loads of icing sugar with some flavouring, eg. cinnamon, vanilla, nuts.
    I must say Eirene I was really amazed by your photographs and though I have lived in this city for almost 60 years but I have never seen it this beautiful.

  3. Oh! Thank you Polyak. What a nice thing to say! Budapest is a very beautiful city, and you are very lucky to live in the middle of so much beauty. We tend to take our hometown for granted and to not really 'look', so I am glad that my photographs have helped you see it in a new light.

    And thank you for the information about the kurtoskalacs - now I know. We wanted to try some, but we'd just had breakfast when we visited the park and did not feel like eating any more. I'll have to try some when I next visit Budapest.