Saturday 28 June 2014

Bedo House

Bedo House in the Lipotvaros district of Budapest is a superb example of Hungarian Art Nouveau architecture, built by Emil Vidor in 1903. Restored after decades of neglect it now holds the Museum of Hungarian art displaying a private collection of furniture, graphics and interior design. 
There is also a café and a shop that sells reproduction and original pieces.
The Museum is so full of furniture and objects that it's difficult to take it all in.


an Aladdin's cave of beautiful objects

but also a chance to see the house from the inside

a wonderful gate separating two of the rooms.

Going up the stairs to the first floor - note the wood on the stairs, and the wrought iron bannisters


looking down - wonderful front doors as imposing from the inside as from the outside








Wonderful attention to detail, as in the etched glass on this window


and here


too many things to take everything in

the two windows at the back that overlook the courtyard

the same detail on the side of the balconies as at the bottom of the internal stairs


the inner courtyard - above the museum, the rest of the building is apartments


classic Art Nouveau bannisters

another wrought iron gate


stunning stained glass


different colours for each window


We really appreciated having the opportunity to be inside one of those magnificent buildings


Conventional toilets but a wonderful door


The café is very pleasant,

full of Art Nouveau furniture and objects - one of the customers was wearing period clothes which added to the atmosphere

lots of paintings and posters from the period


We stayed for a refreshing drink


and then went in search of Hold utca Market Hall and the Glass House Memorial Room - we did not manage to find either, despite having a map with us. So frustrating, but the beauty of Bedo House made up for it.


  1. Replies
    1. It is indeed, Olga. Great fun and the house is a real gem.

  2. Unluckily now it's closed :-(

    1. That is terrible. What a loss. Why is it closed? It's such a beautiful place.