Monday 2 June 2014

Palazzo Zichy

We spent a delightful week in Budapest and enjoyed every minute of it. It's a very beautiful city and if you're into Art Nouveau architecture, it's the place to go - I was in constant ecstasy.
This post is about where we started though, and the reason why I am including a post about this hotel is because of the sensitivity with which the old and the new have been combined, creating a harmonious whole. The hotel's motto is 'bringing history to present' and that certainly is the case.
Palazzo Zichy, Lorinc Pap Square.
Of neo-Baroque style, the palace was built in 1899. The residence of a Count and his family, this was typical for royal residencies as one side has mid-level floors and the other side does not, a separation made in order to create a barrier among the staff and the counts.

The palace is a hotel now. The whole place was gutted and redesigned in a very modern minimal style while retaining some of the original features. As a building it certainly works.

The hotel reception and public spaces are located in the original courtyard

which is now covered by a modern glass roof, allowing plenty of light to flood in during the day


while creating a mysterious atmosphere at night

looking up one can see the grand old balconies of the count's rooms.

Many of the old features have been kept.
Looking closer. 
The whole effect is very stylish.
One of the quiet corners

The grand staircase seen from the third floor

Looking down from the atrium of reception one can see the breakfast room


The modern lounge.

A perfect marriage of old and new.


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