Monday 10 July 2017

An added delight

I thoroughly enjoyed Warwickshire Open Studios this year, but an added delight was when I visited the home of one of the artists and discovered that they owned a considerable collection of ceramics. I wanted to look and look, but felt that it was inappropriate given that I was there to view the artist's paintings. I did express admiration for the collection however, and we discussed some of the pieces. I then asked if I could photograph a few and as they seemed to be more than happy about that, I took a few snaps.

This piece is by Christy Keeney, one of my favourite ceramicists. His figurative ceramics are at a point where sculpture and painting overlap.

This one is a political piece about the Troubles in Northern Ireland as the bullet hole on the chest testifies.

This piece is by Sally MacDonell whose work I greatly admire.

Sally MacDonell again

Sally MacDonell

Sally MacDonell

Sally MacDonell

I don't know who the artist is, but this piece is fun.

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