Sunday 23 July 2017

Hospitality in Ano Trikala, Corinthias

We stayed at the Varnevo guest house while we were in Ano Trikala Corinthias.

 It's a small guest house, with three rooms in the main building

and two suites in the tower

each room having access to a  balcony.

It's a wonderful place. The two guys who run it are very welcoming and helpful, the whole place is immaculately clean and very comfortable.

Our room was cosy. The stone walls and the wooden ceiling provide character as does the fireplace which is in full use in the winter months, the busy season for this area. Lots of people come here in the winter to enjoy the snow and ski, and the village is packed with visitors.

The woodpiles all around the place bear witness to this

My sister and her husband stayed in one of the suites in the tower

which has the bedroom upstairs on the mezzanine.

The breakfasts are impressive, home-cooked and tasty. It was a pleasure having breakfast on the terrace, but we also had early evening ouzos here, and home made spoon sweets last thing at night before turning in.

We had most of our meals at Stou Dekleri. The owner, chef and waiter (they do have a lot of staff but when the place is not very busy Mr Dimitris also waits on the customers - how he manages to fit everything in, I do not know) is an inspired cook. The food is delicious, cooked with care and flair. They serve a lot of different kinds of pies and the one we favoured was horta pie: mountains greens, leeks and various herbs wrapped in homemade, crusty pastry. We loved this and had it lots of times. Another favourite was the local home made pasta, strifti, served either with meatballs and tomato sauce, or with butter and garlic, which was my favourite.

One lunchtime, when the horta pie had run out, Mr Dimitris insisted on making the local tiganopsomo for us: homemade pastry, stuffed with feta and fried in olive oil - it was delicious. He refused to accept payment for it. When we were leaving he gave us two large bags of the strifti pasta that he makes himself, and again, refused to accept payment. I was awed by his generosity, kindness and hospitality. I particularly liked talking to him about food preparation. This is a place that I would like to return to.

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