Saturday 1 July 2017

Warwickshire Open Studios, 2017 - 1

Warwickshire Open Studios has returned this year with 220 artists in 114 venues which include artists' homes, cafes, museums and gardens. 

Claire Seneviratne, ceramics:

The artist's statement about her work:

'My smoke-fired pots are first fired in an electric kiln, sometimes I partly glaze them and may add a metallic lustre. Then one at a time they are surrounded with oak sawdust which slowly burns around them in an incinerator. The sawdust creates beautiful markings and subtle shades and colours. They do not hold water as they are non porous. My pots are not intended for functional use, apart from being displayed'.

Janette George, painting:

Bunny Cordeaux, painting:

This painting was exhibited as part of the 2017 young artists' art competition. The artist is in year 7 and is 13 years old. This is what she has to say about her painting:

'I have based this painting on the photographer Lee Jeffries. He takes pictures of homeless people, creating high contrast black and white images. I wanted to explore this idea by using figures to create a dark and eerie atmosphere. My intention was to portray a sense of being lost within the city walls: dirty, alone, forgotten. A feeling of being trapped, unable to escape, and becoming a statistic rather than a human being: losing an identity'.

Apologies for the grainy quality of my photograph which does not do justice to the painting: there was too much reflection in the photographs I took in the gallery, so instead, I photographed a very small photograph from the brochure which looked better, but still not satisfactory.

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