Wednesday 5 July 2017

Warwickshire Open Studios, 2017 - 3

Painting and ceramics at Warwickshire Open Studios.

Sue Southorn, painting:

Gabrielle Rucinski, ceramics:

Artist's statement:

'The immediate environment,  natural and urban, stimulate what I make in porcelain and glass. I am motivated by the translucent qualities of both materials and I strive to express ideas through combining them and working with each separately.

The translucency of white porcelain ... is used in the development of ideas concerning shadow and light around shape and space. Another predominant theme in my work is plant imagery. Porcelain provides for me, the ideal canvas for embossing texture. Mineral oxides, yellow ochre, copper and rutile, are used to emphasise and enhance the surfaces'.

Nichola Richards, ceramics:

Artist's statement:

'My pots are individually hand-built using coiling and slabbing to create pots, bowls or pebble shaped forms. Decoration and pattern are produced by a variety of smoke-firing techniques.

I use white earthstone clay and decorate using coloured slips and body stains. The pieces are then burnished by rubbing with the back of a spoon and a piece of 'fools' gold to obtain a soft sheen. The work is initially fired to 950o in an electric kiln. The final pattern is created by using a variety of resist techniques such as wax, tape or slip, and fired in sawdust in a metal vessel outside. The smoke from these firings impregnates the exposed clay body and creates the final surface design. The pieces are then polished with beeswax, which enhances the burnished surface'.

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