Sunday 17 September 2017

Katapola in Amorgos

After a six-hour boat journey we arrived in Katapola, one of the two main ports in Amorgos.

We were met at the port and were taken to our room. A short walk,

a not so short climb up steep steps and we arrived

at Sofia's House.

Our room was adequate, but we had a wonderful terrace that provided good views of the town

and stunning views of the bay.

Breakfast on the terrace was a real pleasure

the sea was very calm in the mornings and it would take on a silver hue

that was enchanting.

The town is very small,

narrow lanes,

steps everywhere

white-washed houses with blue shutters


white-washed paths and walls

interrupted at times by the brilliance of bougainvillea

the paths radiating down to the sea front

and the shops. This one is called Cinnamon and Honey and sells mouthwatering pastries.

The town has three separate districts, and most evenings we would walk to the one across the bay from where we were staying.

It is a wonderful walk, and most evenings everything would turn golden as the sun set

After a while we would reach this tree-lined avenue

and say hello to the ducks.

These trees are called almyres, the salty ones. They only grow by the sea, hence the name

their trunks are really impressive, old and gnarled

On this stretch is the water box. Aware of environmental issues, and our over-use of plastic, the council in Amorgos have set up this water box: they encourage people to bring their own bottles and for 5 cents you can have a litre of spring water. An excellent idea and one that all towns and cities need to implement.

We enjoyed this walk

and the views it affords.

We would eventually reach our destination, Le Grand Bleu, a bar where we would have our pre-dinner drinks.

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