Tuesday 12 September 2017

On the way to Amorgos

We arrived in Piraeus at 6:30 in the morning. Our boat was waiting for us. We went straight in and left the port at 7:00.

Three and a half hours later we saw the dramatic coastline of Paros.

We immediately went up on deck

There are three groups of rocks, a small distance from Paros port, which have always delighted me

I remember the pleasure I got from gazing at these groups of rocks last time we visited the island - they are delightful

As the boat approached the port, the first thing we saw was - what else in Greece? - a church

dramatic landscape, the same as in all the Cyclades islands and I just can't get enough of it.

A windmill next to this ugly hotel

and another one in the port itself. When a boat arrives it's mayhem for about 15 minutes and then everything goes quiet again

Another church in the middle of the town

 And then we were off.

Second stop was the island of Naxos.

On the edge of the town the remains of an ancient temple.

I could see an old castle in the middle of this built-up hill

and once I zoomed in, a small church in a small island in the middle of the port.

We left Naxos and an hour later we arrived at

 Koufonisi. The first thing that struck me here is the vibrant turquoise colour of the sea

A windmill in the distance

One of the four small ports that makes up the harbour at Koufonisi.

Half an hour later we arrived in Amorgos.

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