Friday 1 September 2017

Two very different tavernas

There are two  local tavernas that we favour the most:

We go to Edem so that we can sit by the sea. It's always packed due to the wonderful location, and we invariably have to book. The tables on the first row are placed on the sand, and it's wonderful sitting there looking at the water, watching the bathers

and of course, the sunsets.

I took four shots of the sun as it was setting

sliced in two by a cloud

the water turned golden

and the sun almost gone behind Piraeus.

Dipping the baby's toes in the water

 silhouettes in the fading light

and then everything turned flaming red.

Vassilis and Giorgos is very different. No sea views here, no need to book and we can walk to get there

it's very cosy with a traditional feel to it.

We tend to sit in front of this fountain and the taverna cat always stops by for a drink.

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