Wednesday 27 September 2017

What we did in the Chora in Amorgos

This is a large, long square at the foot of the hill where the castle is. We stopped here twice. Both times it was very quiet as it's away from the tourist centre of the town. This suited us fine.

I had an orange juice here while waiting for Ken to climb

the rock up to the castle

We also came here one early evening for pre-dinner ouzos before going for our evening meal. Again, very quiet, absolutely lovely.

This place is called Triporto (Three Doors) as it has three doors. One for the main coffee/bar building which you can see in this photograph

and two for the building across the street which serves as the main sitting area.

The outdoor area is covered with bougainvillea and wines which give the space  lovely dappled light and keep it cool

something that the local cat obviously appreciated

We stopped here twice for coffee and herbal teas - they have the most amazing collection picked by the owners themselves from the mountains

the indoor area through the arch is also lovely, and we sat here the second time we visited as there was no table outside

it was nice and cosy inside

with the reliefs on the walls that they favour here

very cool - in fact it felt as if one was sitting outside 

This was a very relaxing place and the sign on the door encouraged that 'slow down, you are on vacation'

'Kathodon' was a real find. We had three meals here, as the food was delicious. The woman who cooked is a talented cook and all the dishes she prepared were absolutely delicious. I was very partial to her pork with plumb sauce.

Built on levels, it was cool, welcoming and it was wonderful sitting here, people-watching.

The place was surrounded by churches

Lovely atmosphere at night too.

It's very cosy inside

large selection of herbal teas.

We visited the Archaeological Museum which is housed  in an the old manor.

We started with the courtyard first

went through the arch into a space that was incredibly cool and which is where I presume the people would sit during the hot mid-day hours

We were intrigued by this very large pot

and only realised it was a burial capsule when we peeked inside

It was obviously found intact with not just the entire skeleton, but also all the offerings that people would place around the body: a lot of the pottery found inside is still intact

More statues upstairs

and a good view of the windmills that stand on the edge of the Chora.

We did some window-shopping as well. In this shop

I liked this painting by a local artist: a modern take on an icon with a strong influence of faiyum 

This shop sells

the local raki

strong and quite sweet

While this shop sells 

local pottery

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