Saturday 10 April 2021

Burton-on-the-Water under lockdown

Last Monday was the easing off of lockdown, and for the first time in a while, we were allowed to leave our own district. We thought we would celebrate by going to Bourton-on-the-Water, not only because we had not been for a while, but most importantly, because we knew that this would be our last chance this year - once the weather improves the place is packed with day-trippers. I remember one summer's day we tried to go: we had to turn around as the queue of cars trying to get into the car park snaked all the way to the entrance to the village. This time it was blissfully empty, not just because it was a dull, grey day but also because of the continuing lockdown restrictions which means that the shops are still closed.

We walked along the extremely shallow river, a small stream on our right

The first bridge ahead

The dog walking across the river shows how shallow the river is

We reached the middle of the village 

wonderful architecture, all the houses are built with the yellow Cotswold stone

the ducks outnumbered the people

it was bliss

right in the centre of the village, two bridges next to each other

it's spring, so the blossom is out

we turned left

through this alley

and we were in the countryside.

The river on our right

We got to the bit where the river divides into two

which makes this garden into something special - pity about the hedge, I would have loved sitting in this garden surrounded by water on three sides

over the bridge,

along this narrow path,

and here's the house

From this position, we can see it's two different dwellings.

Along the main road now, with the river on our left

Cute little bridge. The tiny cottage seen through the branches, is in the garden of one of the houses, and has two Grecian pillars by the front door - grand, or what!?

lots of daffodils at this time of year

We crossed another main road, through the gate, a muddy patch, and we were in the countryside

This gorgeous horse came to say hello

We walked along this path for quite a while, then retraced our steps

re-crossed the main road, with this amazing hedge facing us,

Walked along the river again

back in the village.  We sat on a bench for quite a while as the weather was quite mild. It was so quiet! One of the very few benefits of lockdown...

It was a good day.

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