Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Canal walk by Lapworth

We had not done this walk for years! I don't know why as it's lovely walking along the canal, but there you go... A sunny day, so what better way to spend it than walking near water.

We drove to Lapworth, parked, and started walking.

 A lot more boats moored in this basin than we remembered

Very quiet and still

The garden of this cottage is full, absolutely full, of chrysanthemums later in the year - a most spectacular display

I love the roofs of the canal cottages on this stretch

Looking back at the cottage we just passed

By this moored boat

we saw this figure. For a split second, seeing it from behind,  I thought it was a real person

Very clever and great fun

Yet another bridge

wonderful reflections on the water

another boat

an isolated cottage

it's so peaceful here and tranquil

mermerised by the reflections

yet another cottage

We eventually turned around and retraced our steps

and came across a boat trying to negotiate the lock

over the bridge, and after a while we ended up where we'd started from.


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