Saturday 24 April 2021

The Farm

We go to The Farm once a month to buy sustainable meat. But, there's lots more on sale there:  a fishmongers, lots of vegetables and fruit, a deli counter, a bakery

 and a cafe. 

This time we decided to explore the grounds. Lots of groups were having socially-distanced picnics

The outdoor seating area for the cafe, which includes a playground for the kids, was busy

The vegetable garden

the pig pen


dad, plus two little ones inside

the tunnel where they grow vegetables

We then moved on to have a look at the Jersey goats

which are magnificent - look at that beard

We knew about this path that leads to Stratford so we decided to explore

good views from here as it's on a rise

an apple orchard

a field full of dandelions

through the stile and on this narrow path

with the dandelions on our right

a farmhouse in the distance

zooming in

we continued on our way

and arrived at the Stratford golf club

two paths here: we did not know which one would lead to Stratford, so we took the one on the left

lots of blossom - it's that time of year

a pond

quite a few people playing golf

The small stream

and further down, a rounded bridge

We had come to the end of this walk. We obviously should have taken the other path in order to get to Stratford. We'll know for next time. But, now it was time to head back. We passed the farmhouse again,

past the cows we had seen earlier,

and we were back at The Farm. We stopped to have a look at the chickens, and then headed for the car, and home.

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