Friday 16 April 2021

Montpellier Gallery, Stratford - spring 2021

The Montpellier Gallery in Stratford-on-Avon, finally opened its doors after months of lockdown, and we went to have a look. 

Hilary LaForce:

Hilary LaForce works in stoneware and porcelain. The larger pieces are coil built, others are created using a combination of techniques, including slip casting and slab building. She uses a mixture of crystalline glazes and volcanic glaze. It is the crystalline glazes that give her work its unique appeal, as well the contrast in texture between the crystalline and volcanic glazes.

Carolyn Genders:

Claire Seneviratne:

Seneviratne's ceramics are made out of porcelain and are smoke fired. She partly glazes them and then partly burnishes the unfired clay with a smooth piece of glass: in the smoke-firing process the burnished areas become carbonised with beautiful ethereal markings.

Selborne Pottery:

Katherina Klug:

Klug's pots are made on the potter's wheel. She draws freehand on the form using crayons. Her work is marked by strong opposites, not only between shape and pattern but also between the inside and outside of the pots. She uses her own glazes based on recipes which she developed and refined over the years, creating high contrast pieces: black versus white, monochrome versus colourful, and glossy versus matt.

Ania Perkowska:

Adam Frew:

Tony Laverick:

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