Monday 19 April 2021


I broke our mixing bowl a while ago, so last Monday, the first day when non-essential shops opened, we decided to go to Stow-in-the-Wold to buy a new one. 

The weather has been wonderful in the last few days - what a contrast to last week when there was snow around

But, it was sunny, so people were out and about.

We parked in the square

a lot of the buildings here are centuries old

and all of them are of the same style, typical of the area

narrow streets, difficult to keep one's distance

This is the best cook shop for miles and we always try to come here whenever we need anything. We bought our mixing bowl, plus a few other things that were not absolutely necessary, but it felt so good being able to look in a shop and choose things.

Baloons all around the entrance of this shop to celebrate re-opening

Back to the square to put our purchases in the car

this is a nice green in the middle of the village

a few detached buildings, this one is a hotel

This narrow street leads

to a pedestrianised alleyway where the Red Rag gallery is situated. We had a look

then moved on to a second alleyway full of shops and restaurants.

We used to come and have lunch here - now, it's still closed due to the pandemic

More balloons

in Brewery Yard.

We had come full circle, past the Porch House, our favourite place for lunch in this village - 

but alas, not outside seating here, so we will have to wait until restaurants and bars are fully functional before we can come here again.

We marvelled at this tiny, weathered door, and then proceeded to the car, and home....

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