Tuesday 6 August 2013

Colour and form

This was one my favourite rooms in the Staatens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen, and I sat  there for ages. I made a total mess of recording the names of the artists of the exhibits however, and was not going to post on this but in the end decided to include the paintings, even if they are not accredited, as they are such a pleasure to look at, and they will remind me of this fantastic room of paintings and sculpture.
The artists were all Danes and included Ib Geertsen.


such vibrant colours in all of the exhibits.









  1. Brilliant curating! The hanging of the paintings and the accompanying sculpture make the room a work of art in itself, without diminishing the power of each piece of work. Thank you for showing this.

    1. A fabulous room, and I am so angry with myself for messing up when I took the photographs.

      I'm glad you like it.