Thursday 15 August 2013

Kyriakos Katzourakis - A Retrospective: Templo


Chancel Screen, Templo  (House of Guilt) - at the end of the gallery.


Drawing on the rich tradition of the altarpiece in painting, Katzourakis has created his own, modern version depicting what he sees as one of the main oppressions in our society: the oppression of women.  Consequently, the crucifixion scene has as its subject Woman, the ordeal of one particular woman to symbolise all women. This is a political work, much more so than the ones of the dictatorship period, or of prisoners, as shown here.

'My preoccupation with the pain of women, in images of rape and crucifixion, is something that keeps recurring in my work, in Templo and in my feature films - these are problems that I cannot see any solution to', he said in an interview.

The central panel of Templo, and its main theme, woman's crucifixion

and all the panels around refer to this main theme

the various faces of women, their pain reflected in their souls and testimonies

as in this scene of rape

men making war

the face of war and its consequences

Through the narrow passage of Templo we walk through to:

Video Installation:

for more information on Katzourakis and immigration, here , the same link as before

The plight of the Immigrant

The artist.

Immigrants detained


Abu Ghraib?

One of the most poignant pieces of political art I have seen.

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