Saturday 3 August 2013

Walking around Gazi


Having seen a thought-provoking exhibition at the Benaki Museum, we start walking towards the square in Gazi in search of lunch.

It is two o'clock, it's very hot and the streets are deserted. 'Mad dogs and Englishmen' comes to mind. The place is very different to what it would be in the evening. Gazi is (or maybe, used to be) the place to be at night, full of trendy bars, cafes and restaurants and sometimes it feels that the whole of the hip, trendy people descent here to have fun. But, things are a bit too quiet today, and I read somewhere that people have moved on since we were here last, to other parts of the city, so, who knows....

As part of the regeneration of the area, a lot of galleries are springing up as well as new, stylish buildings, like this one, which is opposite the Benaki

or this, very narrow, apartment building


one more shot.

This is a common image in Athens these days:  men - often Pakistani or Bangladeshi - pushing a supermarket trolley,  after they've gone through garbage bins trying to find recyclables that they can sell in order to make a living
lots of graffiti/street art about - this one says: SUVs for the people


lots of tavernas on our way to the square but they are all closed


but they will open for the evening


a mural


once we reach the square however, on Persephone Street


most places are open

we choose The Butcher Shop where we have fava, beetroot, taramasalata and biftekia - all very delicious, some draft wine which is surprisingly good,  and everything is very reasonably priced. It is a windy day so both our hats have been blown away and are lying on the pavement.

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