Wednesday 21 August 2013


Most large houses have the same structure in Hydra: a courtyard that's enclosed by a high stone wall, a gate, and then you enter a very private, cool and intimate space.

Because they are such private affairs, I was able to have a look at hotel courtyards only.

The gate happened to be open so I was able to have a peep

This the courtyard of a pension

Hotel Bratsera - the restaurant in the courtyard

Bratsera's second courtyard

Hotel Mistral where we were staying - this is where we had breakfast every morning

the courtyard of our hotel at night


and again

Mistral is a beautiful stone building, and the courtyard is very lush

Hotel Phaedra - wonderful terrace on top: we stayed here a few years ago

Hotel Miranda

Hotel Orloff

I just love those steps.

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