Friday 30 August 2013

The Archaeological Museum


The Archaeological Museum in Athens.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit last week.

Kouros, 600 BC, Naxian marble

The sculpture was found in Sounion and must have stood in front of the Temple as a votive offering to Poseidon.

Kore, Aristion, 550 -540 BC, Parian marble

An extremely well-preserved sculpture, retaining in many places its painted decoration of rosettes, swastikas, stars and meanders.

Dominating the space, sculpture of Zeus or Poseidon, 460 BC, bronze

This is one of the few preserved sculptures of the Severe Style, notable for the exquisite rendering of anatomy and motion.

Grave adornment, 4th c BC, Pendelic marble

A standing young woman supports herself on the head of her kneeling attendant who is helping her put on her sandal. In the background a woman is holding a chest containing the dead woman's jewellery.

Young Athlete, 340 - 330 BC, bronze

Associated with the school of Praxiteles.

Found in the ancient cemetery of Keramikos. The skeletons were in a fine state of preservation in the sarcophagi. The bodies were accompanied with numerous grave offerings.

Child's burial in a clay pipe of the type used for aquaducts. From Keramikos, 5th c BC.

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