Friday 23 August 2013

The road to Kamini

Walking to Kamini is one of our favourite things to do when we are in Hydra: a taverna is our final destination.

We leave the town behind us, walk towards Hydronetta and then

take the road to Kamini, on the edge of the cliff. The smell of wild lovage is overpowering

past the old windmill

the views are breathtaking

the road snakes around the cliffs

with the odd house perched on top of the cliff

it's a great walk and the scent of lovage is still with us

a lot of water taxis make the journey from Hydra town to Kamini taking those who do not want to walk.

We have arrived.

Our taverna has a few tables on the road that is on the edge of the cliff, and this is where we sit and look at the sea and when it gets really dark the sky is amazing - the Plough is just above our heads and we star gaze

and the little harbour is on our left.


  1. Replies
    1. It's a lovely walk, and the scent of lovage is the star of the show - it's so strong, and it's there, the whole time!