Friday 3 October 2014

Alex Mylona

Housed in a neo-classical building designed in the 1920s by Vassilis Tsagris, the Alex Mylona Museum's collection consists of sculptures in marble, bronze, iron, as well as collages, decoupage, sketches and paintings. Reflection on the glass meant that I can only post on Mylona's sculptures which is a great shame as I really liked the rest of her work too.

'The white marble from the Dionysos quarries, in slices of two, three or five centimeters, is the material, which I use and which expresses me today. Simple, but full of light and life, it stands out, autonomous. Complicated forms do not fit here: they would hide its beauty. Clear, plain lines such as
square, circle, semi-circle, have always been 'symbol' shapes. The syntheses of those shapes, but also the relationship between them, are the basic elements of my work, the key, so to say, to a certain language'.

Sun, 1998


Four Steps, 1984


Cyclades II, 1984

Three Squares, 1984


Theatre, 1984

Walls, 1984 

Angel I, 1993




Fire Dance, 1958


Greeting, 2000

The little courtyard is the café of the museum and I liked it very much


The Kiss (Homage to Brancusi), 1967


  1. Thank you for the introduction to this artist. I love this sculpture.

    I can see why you were attracted to the café courtyard - it is a sculpture itself!

    1. Olga, I was delighted to have discovered her. I wanted to go to the museum for a long time, but not knowing anything about what was exhibited, I kept putting it off as other things kept cropping up. I'm glad I managed it this time.