Thursday 16 October 2014

Baddesley Clinton

Mist on Sunday morning and it did not lift all day. But, it did not rain so we took this opportunity to visit Baddesley Clinton, something we do quite often as it's not too far from where we live.

A National Trust property, and it's got a moat.

Lots of water birds this time, and they all assembled round our feet while we were having lunch - but about that, later.


The house has a courtyard which is nicely planted.

The reflections are always spectacular.

What interests us with all these NT properties is the grounds so we started walking round the fish pond.

Water and reflection - unbeatable.

We walked along the path in the nature walk

all very autumnal 

until we reached the Great Pool

very pretty, calm and quiet


On our way to the vegetable garden with came across this fellow - one of many. This is Dick Turnip.


A bit further on we came across another scarecrow perched on the tree.

Mr and Mrs Gladstone
were in the vegetable garden

and so was this fellow.


By the gate were Marrow Arty with detective Sherbert Gnomes

By Withering Tights we saw Pea Cliff

miniature Chinese lanterns

the path to the Walled Garden was a pleasant surprise


the pampas grass against the blue of the sky looked spectacular


the walled garden


with the house at one end

and lots of colour at the other


if you look close enough you can see the morning dew still on the petals


and here


I wondered why these plants looked silvery and glistened

until I realised that each leaf was covered in dew



another closer look



the topiary zig-zagging along the path.

We then crossed the moat bridge
and entered the courtyard but we did not go inside the house as we wanted to be outdoors


We needed a long walk so we left the house and grounds and went in the direction of Hay Wood. An interesting gate on the way.

It's only a few minutes' walk to reach the woods


and then bliss!

Not many people come here

lots of bracken


looking closer

just me and Ken the whole time 

The light, as always in woods, was enchanting.


We then went back to Baddesley Clinton for some lunch. Of all the NT properties we have visited the food here is the best - all sourced from their vegetable garden. The ducks were shameless in their search for food and kept nipping at our feet and knees...



  1. What a wondrous place! I had not heard of this property and must look out for it.

    1. It's a great place Olga - moats are wonderful things and I'm sure that contributes to its loveliness. We always have a good time when we go there.