Monday 13 October 2014


Last Thursday we felt like having a day out and decided to go to Stow-on-the-Wold. I think it was the first time we had visited the town during a weekday and what a difference it made - empty streets, very few people, calm and quiet.

It's a pretty Cotswold market town


and most buildings are made with the characteristic mellow Cotswold stone

the little green square in the middle of the town is always a pleasure to visit


there was a market on (you can see part of it on the top right hand corner of the photograph) and we browsed and bought some delicious bread

everyone seemed to be very relaxed

the village hall

lots of quaint little alleyways

an arch leading to another little alleyway


interesting shops for browsing

but also antique shops, tea shops, restaurants 

Sheep Street, a busy thoroughfare usually, but not on Thursday

and then we came upon Opus on Sheep Street, a contemporary art gallery
not many places sell contemporary art in the Cotswolds so it was a pleasant surprise - a Banksy print in the window

another Banksy inside, Girl with Balloon, (apologies for the poor quality of the photograph - too much reflection)


Andy Warhol, Campbell's Soup I, Onion, 1968


still on Sheep Street


I think this was an old Post Office, an interesting building


After wandering for a while it was time for lunch

the Porch House, a recent discovery, was our choice

lovely little door

a pleasant surprise was awaiting us after lunch


a wonderful double rainbow

even more impressive against the Cotswold stone.



  1. We have not been to Stow in years, nay decades! We went often when we lived in Oxford. It is interesting to see how empty it is on a weekday - thanks for the tip! The place looks so much more lovely without lots of cars - but how true that is of most places.

    1. It's a real indication of how important tourism is for those towns. Stow is one of the lively ones (or so I thought) with lots of shops and always full of people. I always think of Chipping Campden as the sleepy one - I wonder what that will be like on a weekday.

      As for the cars, I totally agree Olga. It's one of the reasons why I like Amsterdam so much - a very lively city but there are whole sections of it where cars are rare.