Wednesday 8 October 2014

Charlecote Park

A glorious, sunny autumn day last Sunday, and we needed a walk, a nice long one. Charlecote Park was our choice as it's the nearest National Trust property for us.

Through the gateway in the previous photograph, and we reached the courtyard, the house facing us.

We turned left hoping that West Park would be open to the public as this is an area we have not explored before.

We were in luck. West Park was open, so we crossed the bridge.

It was midday and the shadows were enchanting


The park was designed by Capability Brown, and after walking along the south part of the park, we decided to walk along this avenue as it looked very enticing


We got a glimpse of the house on our right

and then started on the long and pleasant walk


These trees are ancient and their trunks are testimony to this


Too many photographs of this avenue, I know, but I want to really give the feel of walking through it

I tried to capture the endless line of ancient tree trunks on either side of us, but I would need a better camera to capture the effect


it was enchanting 

the play of light and shadow particularly pleasing at this time of year 

We reached the end of the avenue, and the gate at its end 

We admired the trimmed symmetry of these trees and then realised that it's achieved by the deer - this is how high they can reach

Lots of open spaces and the trees on our left

And then we had the privilege of seeing the deer.

We were not able to get very close, as they are very shy and would start running if we came too close

The deer have been at Charlecote since Tudor times. Shakespeare is said to have been caught poaching the deer here in around 1583


they are curious and looked at us as much as we looked at them


I managed to tear myself away, and much further down the path we came across another large group

so adorable 

it was a delight seeing them run 

After a nice long walk we went back to the main grounds, had a look at the cascade


and then went in search of colour


and found it in the knot garden

this lilac blue is stunning

looking closer.

Nice views from the knot garden

more deer


Before leaving we stopped at the vegetable shop to admire the gourds


and squashes

something we do every autumn and never tire of.


  1. All that heliotrope in the knot garden - what a wondrous smell it must have produced. It's a plant which I'm very fond of. I also like the way you captured how camouflaged the deer can be with that pale underside.

    1. Thank you Olga. It was a wonderful day, we really enjoyed it.