Wednesday 29 October 2014

Oxford Ceramics Fair, 2014

Oxford Ceramics Fair, October 2014.
That time of year again....
Jack Doherty:
The vessels are thrown and soda-fired. The thin layer of liquid porcelain that is applied on the surface has copper carbonate added as the single colouring material. Only one firing is required. Soda firing involves mixing sodium bicarbonate with water, which is then sprayer into the kiln during firing at high temperature. The resulting vapour is drawn through the kiln chamber where it reacts with the silica and alumina present in the clay, creating this rich patina of surface texture and colour. Doherty's vessels are extremely beautiful.



Eddie Curtis:




Curtis' vessel used to predominantly have a very rich, very distinctive red, a copper red glaze. In a fully oxidised firing the copper glaze would take on a green colour, which if successfully controlled, would become a beautiful and highly prized shade of red in a reduction firing.
There wasn't one single red vessel on the stall this year. In its stead various shades of white with lovely pink hues and some black. I commented on the absence of the distinctive red and he said that he thinks he might never return to it, as he likes his present work so much. I have to say that I agree with him - the current work is stunning. 




Antonia Salmon:

Hand burnished and smoke fired ceramic vessels and sculpture.

Ben Davies:


Sue Paraskeva: 
I have posted on Sue Paraskeva's work before and you can see it here. Paraskeva throws bowls on the wheel then takes a piece of wood, brushes it with oxides and then proceeds to 'attack' the still wet clay bowls with it. You can see the results below:



Ingrid Saag:


Yo Thom:

Akiko Hirai:

The Moon Jar
Kate Braida:






Joanna Howells:

I thought the price tags merited a photograph...

James Hake:




  1. So many expressions of beauty! Choice would be difficult, if shopping! Did you manage to get to the exhibition of tea bowls at the Oxford Ceramic Gallery? Online quite a few of those look rather scrummy.

    1. It was a particularly good selection of the work of 70 artists, Olga - very enjoyable. The plan was to move on to the Oxford Ceramics Gallery, but we did not manage it in the end. I hope I can get the time to visit, but I'm not sure whether I'll be able to - there's so much going on at the moment. But I agree with you - the exhibition looks very good.