Sunday 5 October 2014


Our ten-week stay in Greece is over and we're back in the UK. A walk in Jephson Gardens is one of the first things I always do when coming back

 and autumn is truly here.

I always start my walk in the Mill Gardens, the pond on my right as I cross the little bridge

the river on my left


these two came over to say hello.


Then over the bridge and into Jephson Gardens


tiny cyclamen in the mist of all the fallen leaves


fuchsias in bloom

this birch

has the most amazing trunk - lovely combination of colours

red poppies

provide more colour

the fountain as seen through the trees.

It's lovely being back.


  1. The poppies are evidence of the warmth we have had through September: a second flush. We are remodelling the garden at present, and I am thinking of planting lots of cyclamen.

    1. Remodelling your garden - how exciting! Cyclamen are lovely, and I would definitely go with planting lots.

      I couldn't work out why I could see poppies, but of course, you're right - second flush. Having been away I miss the obvious sometimes...

  2. Replies
    1. Linda, it's a gorgeous place and very near where I live. I try to walk there at least three times a week and it's always a pleasure.

  3. Glad you are happy to be back.

    1. Avril, I am, I am. It's really good being back.