Sunday 9 March 2014

David Carpanini

David Carpanini, Leamington Art Gallery.

An interesting exhibition of an artist not previously known to me. I loved the etchings of the mines and mining community in South Wales, but the majority of the photographs I took did not come out well as there was too much reflection, so this is a very small selection of what I saw and liked.

'My inspiration lies in the contemplation of the familiar. ... It is in the valleys and the former mining communities of South Wales, scarred by industrialisation but home for a resolute people, that I have found the trigger for my imagination. The stark landscape and the close knit social infrastructure are a fundamental part of my own background and I have attempted to use this natural drama of the location in order to explore aspects of the human condition'.

Slagheap, 1966 (oil on canvas)

David Carpanini Carceri I
Carceri I, 2005, (etching on paper)

David L Carpanini

 Carceri II, 1966 (etching on paper)

Carceri IV, 2005 (etching on paper)


Last Shift, 1995, (acrylic on canvas)

Winter Walk on the Craig VII, (charcoal)

The Searchers (study), 1991, (pencil and watercolour on paper)

The Voices of Silence III, 2012-13, (pencil and watercolour on paper)

Hopscotch, 1969, (acrylic on board)

All Our Troubles are Over, 1977, (acrylic on canvas)

Quote from artist:


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