Sunday 30 March 2014

The sea

We decided to vary our almost daily walk by the sea, so we took the bus, got off at Edem

and started walking - the sea on our left, the tramline and main road on our right


looking back at the marina which is where we usually walk

there's something very appealing about palm trees by the sea, I think


bright sunshine,  everything was sparkling

Piraeus in the distance and whatever the weather, there are always people swimming

lots of little beaches like this one

fishing boats


Ken gazing at the sea

looking back again - all those masts!


Quite a few people fishing here and there




the chess players

looking closer 


We eventually reached the marina in Flisvos, where the very rich people moor their boats 

This is more than just a marina - the promenade is very pleasant

full of cafes, bars and restaurants

and it's always a pleasure coming here.

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