Sunday 23 March 2014


Our first visit to Antonello after so many months

and the visit did not disappoint.
I like pictures with reflections where the inside and the outside blend and you don't know which is which
View of the shop from the entrance


lovely grasses


 a feast of colours, textures and scents.

 Tasteful, beautiful displays, as always


There are flowering trees like this one all over the city at the moment and I do not know what they're called

so I asked the person in the shop but she did not know either!!!
Unfortunately, the extremely helpful and knowledgeable women who are usually in the shop and who create the fantastic displays were not there today, so I left none the wiser.

Orchids at the back of the shop on the distressed dresser


but the predominant flower was roses this time


beautifully formed


in unusual colours

like this lilac


displayed just so

I like these square formations


white hydrangea


or blue and lilac

chillies in distressed pots

lots of orchids in a row

it's all in the detail - the two melons complete the arrangement.


Lots of green to complement the other colours.



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