Thursday 20 March 2014

Whitechapel Gallery

It was a real delight to see the newly-restored Whitechapel Gallery during our recent visit to London. Founded in 1901 to 'bring great art to the people of the East End of London', the building was designed by Charles Harrison Townsend. Combining elements of the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau styles, the building has a broad arched entrance and twin roof turrets.

Rachel Whiteread's Tree of Life sculpture has been added above the grand entrance - a frieze of golden leaves, inspired by the existing architecture which features a Tree of Life motif on its terracotta panels. 'It's connected with the architecture, the sociology and the anthropology of the area',  said Whiteread. 'I've worked with the local foundry, so it's all very much East End-based'.


  1. Eirene, I have just ordered the Hanne Hoch catalogue from the Whitechapel! I love the gallery, but find it difficult to get there at present. I imagine you must have seen the exhibition -?

    1. The exhibition is wonderful, particularly her early works. I loved it. I am in the process of writing it up, and should post tomorrow or the day after. I am very unhappy with my photographs - too much reflection has ruined a lot of them. I wish I had bought the catalogue, as I would love to know much more about her as well as having access to better pictures. I might do when we get back to the UK, I will see.